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Wedding Hysteria.

Wedding Hysteria.

  I recently read a thread on a blog that was a query for suggestions of Wedding Guest Favor Gifts. (what a terrible run-on sentence) (For lack of an alternative, I’m going with it). I’m guessing she means Wedding Gifts from the Bride and Groom to each Wedding Guest. Is this correct ? Okay, so let me get this straight; the Bridal couple gives gifts to the guests.. This is after the expensive wedding ceremony itself, with scripture, music, ‘entertainment’ and the joy of witnessing a friend get married. Then the guests are lavishly fed,  along with more music and entertainment. Then wonderful, crazy, sugary treats and cake and drinks of some kind. Possibly dancing and/or a video show including babies in bathtubs, the groom’s first car, prom photos and shots of the new engagement ring. On top of all that, the guest are given gifts. This is my understanding on it.


Our Wedding Day

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