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Interview: Website Designer, Builder & Graphics Guy

Interview: Website Designer, Builder & Graphics Guy

My First Victim or Interview #1

*I am typing this in black because the subject of this interview prefers life to be neat, tidy and in no-nonsense black :)

Tim is a website builder and designer. He also does incredible graphics work. I know this from experience as he put together our website and this blog. He also was the one who formatted my book to be printer-ready. He is a whiz on computers, takes awesome photos and videos and he is adored by his toddler nephew.

His company website is: http://www.splitwebdesign.com/  There are two owners of the site. Tim is in the US, Daz is in the UK. These two work together on projects through the internet and occasionally by text and VOIP.


As a man who tends to be found behind the camera, I’m excited to present this rare image of Tim.

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