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A Sale and a Saga; Summer Sewing

A Sale and a Saga; Summer Sewing

A Sale and a Saga~

Oh. My. Goodness. First, the Summer Sewing Saga…
~Where did July and August go ? I usually spend the Summer sewing. However, I’ve had some real challenges this past month. It’s been a very wet Summer with rainy and stormy days in our area.  While I love the sound and refreshing feeling of the rain, the fluctuations of weather triggers migraines for me. What does this mean for someone who sews ? Well, it means my sleep is interrupted, my eyes don’t function well, and my concentration is compromised. Then pain arrives for a day or so at a time   Luckily, I have a medication that does help and after the pain there is usually a day or two of ‘recovery’. It takes me some time to get back into sewing projects that were put on hold. I have to remember where I was and what I was doing.. There are often gaps in my hazy memory throughout the week. The Summer rain slowed down my Summer sewing~


In addition to the ongoing migraine/recovery cycle this month, I did something quite odd; something I’d never done before. I slammed the car door on my hand. As ‘luck’ would have it, this was my dominant hand. This happened halfway through my hosting a local kids Pirate Camp with crafts, games and activities through the Parks and Rec. Department. Thankfully, a talented and capable family member pitched in and became (literally) my right hand for some of those events. Suddenly Summer sewing became a distant memory~

Then (more luck), I suddenly had several orders in the Etsy shop ! Some of the orders were for custom sewing (not ready-made items). Several were orders for personalized, hand-written letters. *gulp* Pre-injury, my handwriting was quite legible   I have enjoyed writing out messages for folks who don’t like to write. I like feeling I’m a tiny part of an evolving friendship or romance by putting their words or thoughts physically onto paper for recording tangible evidence that’s lasting. Being part of the making of someone’s story and history in an enduring way..enabling memories   Such an incredible honor ! At that moment though, I could barely grip a pen. What to do ? I negotiated a later ship-date, gave myself some time to heal a bit, then wrote slowly and carefully, a little at a time.

bandaged hand

That same week, (will the fun never end ?) we received a lovely wholesale order for the Finger Pincushions we create. Awesome ! Scary~ Intimidating and Challenging. Fortunately, we have a wonderful sewing lady/friend who provides us with stitching help as needed when she’s available. Suddenly our ‘back up’ became our front-runner and we were thankful for her help. Summer sewing has never been so complicated for me !

And the hand ? Well, x-rays revealed it wasn’t broken, just beat up and swollen. Urgent Care cradled me in ice, medicated me, wrapped me like a package and sent me home to let it heal in its own time. My hand went through a rainbow of colors ! Now, several weeks away from that, I still tire easily when gripping things (sewing, cutting, typing, writing..). Almost all the aching and swelling is gone. I guess these things just take time~ I’m slowly picking up Summer sewing projects again. I’m slower than usual but mending. I think by the end of Summer, sewing will be back up to speed.


I hope you never get your hand caught in the car door. I wish you happy, healthy days to finish out the Summer !

And the SALE ?
Etsy is hosting a Labor Day Sale !  There are tons of sellers participating and you can find really good deals in all categories :) Some shops have started already but the majority will be selling at reduced rates August 31-Sept. 4.
Both of our shops are set for 10% off all purchases during the sale. If you’re looking to do some early Christmas shopping, now is a good time to check out some deals. Here are the links for our shops (clicking on the links will open in a new window):
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Beginner Sewing Projects & Blogs, Learn to Sew – 10 Awesome Resources !

Beginner Sewing Projects & Blogs, Learn to Sew – 10 Awesome Resources !

little pincushion

Here is a list of 10 Awesome Resources for Beginner Sewing Projects and Blogs. There’s something for everybody, so take a look and see what inspires you.

New to Sewing ? Want to learn how to sew ? Believe it or not, I envy you ! You have a huge new world of adventure before you :) So many choices, fun new styles, great online resources, wonderful books and magazines… I would love to take you to the fabric store and watch your eyes light up !

I have taught beginning sewing to small groups. It is a pleasure to guide someone through their initial sewing project as they use their shiny, new seam ripper and fun colored thimble. How awesome to be part of the first finished project and see that satisfied smile :)

When you get into town, look me up and we’ll sit down at the sewing table together~ But for now, I have found a batch of inspiring beginner sewing projects and blogs for you. These are not boring, Jr. High School items. They are fresh ideas and can be made from a variety of fabrics; either new from the fabric store or upcycled from the back of your closet. Free patterns and Instructions !

I picked ones I enjoyed reading; most have detailed instructions with helpful photos showing you the way  step-by-step. I would love to hear from you what ones you like in particular. Please feel free to add to this list ! Let’s share good resources and pass the love of sewing on~

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