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A Smile a Day… Is there humor in sewing ?

A Smile a Day… Is there humor in sewing ?

Sometimes there is humor in sewing. And sometimes it’s just a bad day to sew.

There are days of sewing that run seamlessly (~pun sort of intended).  And then there are moments in a sewing project that just implode and one must STOP to avoid injury. The wise person learns to recognize when that moment arises. I’m still learning..



I had a large project spread out on our large and lovely farmhouse style dining room table (don’t judge, there’s still room to eat). Using a fresh needle in the sewing machine, I was stitching along, gaining momentum on said project. Without warning, the bobbin runs out of thread. Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine. Can we please have a blinking light when the bobbin is running low ? Is that too much to ask ? Whatever. I stop to refill the bobbin.   Read the rest of this entry