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Interview: Oodles of Pincushions !

Interview: Oodles of Pincushions !

~by me, myself and I; the author of this blog :)   My name is Cheri Hage. I sew items and sell in an Etsy shop, “Oodles of Whimsy”. Most of the shop is a variety of Pincushions.  My husband (Rick) and I also sell pincushions on our wholesale website, “Oodles of Pincushions”. We create what we refer to as, “oodles” of pincushions (that’s where the names came from). This is a hobby and cottage industry; I work at home.


What part of the craft/hobby do you like best ?

  It is hard for me to define what is the most enjoyable part of this endeavor. I absolutely LOVE picking out fabrics, so shopping for the “supplies” is very enjoyable. The down-side is that it is difficult to find proportionately correct tiny prints that work well for our Finger Pincushions so it can be frustrating. Of course, there’s always the danger of being side-tracked by discovering fun, new fabrics that  I have no business looking at but there they are, just waiting for me.

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