Read the ramblings of a wife, mother, creative fabric manipulator and writer. My goal is to share with you snippets of my life plus inspiring interviews, sewing and crafting business tips, sewing supply locations, info on selling, creative ideas and interactive musings.

  My name is Cheri. I love to sew and write. I’m not an “expert” but am willing to share my experience.  I enjoy my creative family. I sew for them and write about them. My husband, Rick and I have two Etsy shops: ~Sewing items and Notions  ~Vintage and Antique items

We also have a website for bulk orders:


Our shop and website names were created with the word “Oodles” because that accurately describes the number of Pincushions we have made over the years and also the number of Vintage and Antique goodies that have passed through our hands.

At any given time, we may have 400 Finger Pincushions and 4 dozen Tomato Pincushions on hand. Also, we have stacks of orphan chairs in various stages of refinishing that all need new homes. Aside from chairs there is an abundance of Antique “smalls” such as figurines, teacups, salt and pepper shakers, ornaments and other detritus.

salt2 Salt and Pepper Shakers that line a windowsill…

stuffed van1

This is our vehicle fresh from a farm auction. We have learned to pack items like puzzle pieces. Packing is an art-form. This van-load took us exactly 7 minutes to UN-load !

amishdress 006 Rick repairs, cleans and finishes the furniture items to sell from our lawn.


inter3     fpcavatar  These are examples of the pincushions we make.


   ~Welcome to my world. Welcome to Oodles !

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