Interview: Website Designer, Builder & Graphics Guy

Interview: Website Designer, Builder & Graphics Guy

My First Victim or Interview #1

*I am typing this in black because the subject of this interview prefers life to be neat, tidy and in no-nonsense black :)

Tim is a website builder and designer. He also does incredible graphics work. I know this from experience as he put together our website and this blog. He also was the one who formatted my book to be printer-ready. He is a whiz on computers, takes awesome photos and videos and he is adored by his toddler nephew.

His company website is:  There are two owners of the site. Tim is in the US, Daz is in the UK. These two work together on projects through the internet and occasionally by text and VOIP.


As a man who tends to be found behind the camera, I’m excited to present this rare image of Tim.

(I’m in green) Me: Describe in a sentence or two, what your business/hobby is.

Tim: I make websites.

How did you get started ?

I started 8 or 9 years ago when I began making websites and creating graphics for people in the same online gaming community as me. The leader of the community and I took part in designing things for other community groups and we eventually became business partners. These days, weekends consist of cooperative “team building” video games together. During the rest of the week, we’re working.

Even though you’re on opposite sides of the world ?

Yes, Daz is in England, I’m in Indiana. It’s all about the internet.

Is this your hobby, side job, main source of income or wanna-be ?

All of the above?

What part of it do you enjoy the most ?

Overall, the creative process.

Pick a project, start to finish, how long does it take from prep to sold ?

Our websites are all made to order, one-off jobs. Time depends on how quickly the client responds in providing contents/details required for the project. It could take as little as a week. The average website build-time is 3 weeks.

How do you juggle this with your home/family and are they involved ?

There are benefits to being a creative type; Everybody has to deal with me because it’s easy to pass procrastination off as searching for inspiration. Artists have the unique opportunity to procrastinate, even while working on a project. You can’t bottle and sell the creative “juices” and just access them as needed. I’m able to honestly tell people, “I’m working on it” because I’m always working on it. It’s a constant thought process.

Where does your inspiration and materials come from ?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. And I work in intangibles, so I effectively deal in individual pixels. It’s more about inspiration than the ingredients.

Relate a favorite story or perk to this job.

Flying to the UK to meet Daz. I used my business partner as an excuse to fly to the UK for 3 weeks of vacation and eating his food. Also, not having to put pants on is a plus. If you’re chatting over Skype, all you need’s a haircut. The rest is optional.


This is Tim’s office/command center. Everything is sleek and tidy, close at hand. He prefers a very uncluttered environment. And yes, it’s always this neat. Though he uses the most modern and updated versions of computing tools, his seating is quite different. The chair pictured is an Antique desk chair he covered in leather. He has two alternate seats often used; one is an extra large yoga ball, the other is a modified adjustable Kia Rio seat. There is also a rope hammock in the room. He mostly works in the dark. In the center/corner of his desk, there are various collectible monsters, Coke bottles and an Iron Man helmet he made. Very eclectic

   ~I’d like to insert at this point that Tim is also a computer builder.  At the time of the interview, there were 12 desktop computers, 6 laptops, 11 LCD monitors, 7 gaming consoles and 1 CRT tv in his office.~

Do you promote your business ? How are you found ?

I know a guy that makes websites :)  We don’t pay for business promoting, but we are in a handful of free online business directories and sites for reviews and the like.

Any tips or advice for others wanting to start their own business ?

Partner with somebody in another country so you can live with them over the Summer. Also, when dealing with other human beings, you should expect the worst. You’ll never be disappointed.

What’s a typical daily or weekly schedule for you ?

The drawback of working in different countries is the time difference. We meet up at 7:30am my time (after breakfast) after, which is 12:30pm in the UK (after his lunch). Basically we Skype for a handful of hours in the morning and again in the afternoon as needed. We touch base further by texting or other electronic contact throughout the day; sometimes getting together again in the afternoon. We keep in touch 7 days a week as needed.

Tell us Tim, what is your choice of Breakfast ?


Well, Thank you Tim. It was a pleasure to chat with you and hear how you work. See you soon~ maybe for dinner.

I do see him quite often. For those who may not know, Tim is my son :) He is a talented young man who I am very fond of. He is a great sport and easy to work with. I have had the fun of working with Tim on many different projects from painting to cooking. He enjoys all manner of house demolition and also helps with repairs. We worked at a mini-golf together. He helps take care of his grandmother and his nephew and I appreciate his willing spirit.  I love his sense of humor. He can make me laugh ’til my sides hurt :)

Contact Tim about websites: or


If you’re interested in being considered for an interview, contact me:

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