Hearts & Crafts, a Heart-y and Crafty Hello to You !

Hearts & Crafts, a Heart-y and Crafty Hello to You !

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What is it about hearts that allows them to sneak into our calendar, crafts and lives ? Are hearts still popular ? So do ‘Real’ Crafters use Hearts ? Why do crafts and hearts go hand-in-hand and get along so well ?

It’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day and all the mushy, creative, fantastically heart-stopping talent that makes your heart throb and fills you with awe and love and maybe a little envy :)  But you know what ? It doesn’t matter that my rendition of watercolor art doesn’t resemble anything I meant it to… it’s still “art from the heart” and that’s absolutely allowed ! So if you are feeling the creative urge to try out a new craft, technique, media, story, idea or blob of clay, I think you should go for it ! The season of hearts is a good time to try new things. Hearts are not that complicated to draw, cut or shape. Start with a circle, pinch the bottom and poke in the top and you’re there. No matter what heart image you create, there’s the start of a Valentine card/greeting/gift.

Hearts represent love, warmth, what you like. They can be serious or whimsical but everyone has a heart and can relate to some kind of heart. They bring up fond memories and often do tug at your heart :)
There are so many versions and styles of hearts to choose from, there’s literally something for everybody; fat and squatty Country hearts, tall and skinny Prim hearts, anatomical hearts, puffy hearts, broken hearts, patchwork hearts, Gothic and Steampunk hearts, Victorian velvet and lace hearts, even fun fonts with hearts. Any color is acceptable, too~

In my Etsy shop, I don’t create a lot of seasonal/holiday-themed items because it covers such a short stretch of time. Having said that, hearts are always acceptable for so many crafts. They are a universal symbol. They’re cheerful…and they can be popular sellers, too. Even folks who aren’t terribly fond of heart items, Valentines or Romance buy gifts for those who love ’em. Hearts are easily worked into lots of hobby and craft genres; quilting, embroidery, woodworking, cake-making, painting and jewelry-making just to name a few. So Yes, I do have some heart items sprinkled in the shop for good measure.
Ever read about the origins of Valentine’s Day ? ~Don’t. There’s a variety of stories and some quite dark. Just take to heart that it’s all about Romance and go with that. Give hearts a try.  Follow your heart, be open to something new and cross my heart, you’ll enjoy the experience !

I’m glad we had this heart-to-heart :)

Best wishes to you from the bottom of my heart ! My heartfelt Thanks to you for putting up with me.


Hearts and more can be found in the Etsy shop here: www.etsy.com/shop/OodlesOfWhimsy  

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