I Love to Run Out of Thread ~said no crafter ever.

I Love to Run Out of Thread ~said no crafter ever.

How fun is it to run out of thread ? If you ask a crafter/quilter/seamstress this question, make sure you’re not within striking distance. And wear your running shoes..

Scenario: You’ve been sitting at the sewing machine for hours. It’s late, your shoulders are tired, your eyes are losing focus but you push on because the end is in sight. Or because there’s only 3 more sewing weeks before Christmas. Whatever. Suddenly, you hear the tell-tale sound of rattly metal (loose bobbin=almost out of thread). Of course it’s at a
crucial point in the project where your fingers are busy holding three pieces of material in place, sewing around a bend, easing in fabric.. Then, nothing. That’s it, you’re done. You have to un-thread gears, gadgets and hooks that fed the needle and re-thread a different set to re-fill the bobbin. Or maybe it’s the top thread that’s gone (empty spool spinning aimlessly as you were sewing at racing speed..). Now you must find a matching or almost matching spool of thread to finish out the project.
Is it fun to run out of thread ? No. Not even a little. You don’t get bonus points for surviving. No gold star. Ask your crafter friend if she’d prefer to run out of thread or toilet paper. The answer may surprise you. Think about it, which is easier to replace ? (TP)  Which one is readily available in most public places with the exception of the post office ? (TP). Which is simpler to find in the color that matches the last roll/spool ? (TP) Which product do you have emergency replacements for ? (TP: paper napkins, paper towel or drip dry) And finally~ Which will cost LESS to replace ? (Really ? you have to think about it ? Do you know anyone who goes into a craft store and buys just a spool of thread ? Was that story ever on the News at 11 ? No, it wasn’t.)
It is currently 1:35am (just after midnight, not just after lunch). I’m on a roll, sewing a much needed project, a rush order for a customer. I was sewing along smoothly when BOTH the BOBBIN and the top SPOOL of THREAD ran out AT THE SAME TIME. I gotta say, 40-something years of sewing and that’s never happened. Never. I look down to see a small snarl of threads, about 2″ long just sitting there. I’m feeling like…
run out of thread
So not fair. Very much not fun. I’m sure this is one of the major causes of high blood pressure. If only one could sew while running to the store to buy thread….

Honestly, you just don’t want to run out of thread. So is it doubly bad to run out of thread from the spool and bobbin at the same time ? I shudder to think. I’m taking it as a sign to put down the project and go to bed where I can’t run into any trouble.
Good night, All !
May your scissors always stay sharp and your bobbin always be full :)

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