Sleep Masks ~ The latest addition to our Etsy Shop !

Sleep Masks ~ The latest addition to our Etsy Shop !


¬† Our newest creation and latest addition to our Etsy Shop, Bedtime Sleep Masks ! These are fun and addicting to create, easy and addicting to use :) Quality 100% cotton prints are lined with a slim batting for light-blocking properties. These first sleep masks have a plush, soft backing that cushions and pampers. I will be making some with satin backing soon so buyers can have a choice. I’m using soft lingerie elastic for a comfy fit.

Does your room mate like to read while you’re trying to sleep ? Using a sleeping mask will block out the light :) Know someone who works 3rd shift and has to cope with daylight when they need to sleep ? This is the perfect answer ! Sleep masks are a good travel sleep aid, helping to block lights and distractions on a bus, plane or train and allow the wearer to unwind.








I battle migraines and can attest that when the eyes are sensitive to light, a sleeping mask helps block the light and gently holds the eyes shut, encouraging relaxation. A sleep mask is a welcome ‘Get Well’ gift that can help a patient adjust to a hospital stay. Hospitals rarely turn off the lights, even at night; so it can be a challenge to get needed sleep.
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming as well as the end of the school year. Sleep Masks will make unique gifts for parents, teachers, a coach or tutor :) Planning a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party ? Need a different Wedding Gift ? Check out the the wedding-themed fabrics used for some of the sleep masks already listed in the shop.




We are open to custom orders and can easily match colors or even themes for your gift-giving. Just tell me what the occasion is and what you’re looking for !

I have enjoyed sewing these new items for the shop. They are quick to assemble with satisfying results. The only issue I have is that the wonderful plush fabric sprinkles little fibers of nap when it’s cut. These sweet little puffs cling to my clothing and hands. While I do shake the fabric outside before cutting and I cut the small details out over a wastepaper basket, I’m still wearing a variety of colored puffs~ Just to clarify, they do NOT shed after being made or when in use, it’s just when I’m in the process of cutting the fabric¬† :)

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Visit the shop, Oodles of Whimsy on Etsy to see the other sleep masks available :)

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