More about Pirate and Princess Camps….

More about Pirate and Princess Camps….

Welcome back, me mateys !                            smlpiratefaceblue

I survived my presentation of my Pirate and Princess Camp to the Parks and Rec. folks. Our meeting went well (whew!). The Camp proposals were presented and approved at the next council meeting (yeah !). Then I got word that  I ‘passed muster’ personally (this included references and background check) (so officially I’m not as crazy as my kids may think).

   I received some nice feedback for this venture which is reassuring at this stage of the project. Of course, nothing happens until Summer, but this week they already released some ‘teaser’ ads locally and on Fbook. (The Summer Event Guide is not yet back from the printer.) Naturally I checked out the response online and was pleased/shocked with what I found…
  A few comments and ‘shares’ concerning the Pirate Camp, so that was nice :) As an ‘event’ post, the tally shows 3 are Going and 23 are Interested.
The fact that this many already have viewed and responded in a positive
way is very encouraging… this, being the 1st of March and the Camp not scheduled until July.
I’ve always loved the lore of the pirate…not the violence of course, but the
free-spirit adventurer. Living on the water and at the beach; shoeless and
carefree. Hair (or beard) blowing in the salty air, sun-kissed cheeks, the splashes of water lulling you to sleep… Who wouldn’t like all that ?!

princess1        Well, what I didn’t count on was the enthusiasm of responses concerning the Princess Camp. Checking that event post, I found several ‘shares’, 6 committed to
Going and a whoppin’ 82 are Interested !! Not what I expected. Either we have more young females in this area or boys are shy to commit ? Not sure, but time will tell. I know there is always an active audience for anything ‘Princess’. Easy to see that at Halloween. Also note the many princess versions of party goods at your local stores. Naturally, the primary color remains Pink with Lavender pulling a close second; light blue and mint green are allowed as well.
I’m excited about the Princess Camp but a tad intimidated; what will these little girls expect and will they know more than I ? Will my chosen activities, crafts and games be ‘old  hat’ to them ? Are they more experienced in the whole genre of Princess than I am ? Do I need to ‘up’ the game and seek out more new and unusual Princess ideas ? ARE there any new and unusual Princess ideas ?? 

  How does this mesh with the usual sewing blog posts here ? Well, believe it or not, Pirate and Princess Camps will require working with fabrics :) (Lucky me). For Pirate Camp I will be creating a kid-friendly Jolly Roger flag for a prop in our outdoor play. Each Pirate will receive a headscarf, belt-wrap and eye-patch made by yours truly. And for the Princesses, they will receive a simple tutu, crown and ribbon wand with fabrics. For a modest amount of participants, I was willing to create tutus but with the numbers climbing, I may purchase a wholesale lot and just add some flowers or something..
While both the Pirate and Princess Camps require fabrics, they are so very different in nature. Pirate fabrics are airy, earthy, natural, drape-y and relaxed, muted in color, no need to hem anything :) On the other hand, Princess fabrics are definite colors, finished edges, shiny and sparkly with body and bounce.
The goal of the Pirate Camp is to share Pirate lore with wanna-be Pirate kids. Teach them some Pirate slang, read stories about life on a Pirate ship, learn about reading a Treasure Map and experience crafts and activities that address these skills. In the other Princess Camp, little ones will practice etiquette, dance to music, curtsy when being introduced, read Princess stories and participate in crafts that are all about being a Princess :)
So now I’m curious to know, if you were given the information about the Pirate and Princess Camps and offered the chance to attend, what would your response be ? Which camp would have the most appeal ? Are you drawn to the royal niceties of the pink and lavender frilly Princess world or ARRrrrr you a Pirate at heart ?


P.S.   Before I close, I’d really appreciate any input for these two camp themes…if you know of a craft or activity that is kid-friendly (ages 3-6 years old), please feel free to share it with me !

P.P.S. As a Thank you to the pirate graphic use, and in accordance to their rules, I include their link here :)
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