The Chair that ate my Scissors….

The Chair that ate my Scissors….

I have a lovely supple leather chair. It’s plush and wide and very cushy-comfy to sit in. It is the chair that I love to tuck myself into with a book, quilt and cup of tea. It keeps me warm in the Winter when I sew. I have napped sideways in it. When my Grandson and I read together, we take a stack of books to “Grandma’s chair” and we both fit in the seat :) It’s a great chair to cuddle in. Tonight it ate my scissors :(



My favorite pair of hand-sewing scissors are not available for use to anyone for any reason except to snip a thread. I know all crafters are protective of their sacred scissors and will stash them away from general use such as the horrendous tasks of cutting the tag off a shirt, opening the mail or snipping the corner off a package of candy. No, my sewing scissors are not made for those jobs. They are delicate; to be savored and gently handled at all times. My beloved scissors happen to be my favorite color: Rainbow. They are Stainless Steel with a Titanium Oxide Finish. They measure a compact 2.5″ in length and are sturdy little snippers that fit my fingers nicely. They are a couple years old and as sharp as the day I got them. I know this because I was stabbed by them tonight while trying to retrieve them from the depths of my chair. Here is a picture that has these lovely little scissors in it:


They are here in the corner. I love these scissors. And I protect them. I use them nearly every day.

  Tonight as I was stitching, I could not find them on my lap or chair-side table. I checked the pocket of my robe and the floor around the chair but they were not to be found. Rick patiently helped me look. Naturally we pulled the cushion off the leather chair but, no scissors. We searched under the coffee table (which is a favorite hiding spot for the Finger Pincushions we make). We used a flashlight to check under the couch which has a 5 inch fringe (our sweet little Grandson “feeds” cars, toys and Cheerios into this fringe-curtain). No scissors. I pulled back the area rug and checked under it (I know, it’s dumb but desperation makes one, well~desperate). Still no scissors.

Once more, I removed the seat cushion from the leather chair. It’s very unlikely to be under there; the cushion is kept in place not only by the weight of my behind, but also by a large piece of velcro. I ran my hand around the edge of the cushion support and dipped down into that fuzz-alley between the deck and the side upholstery. I did not feel the scissors. As a last resort, I pushed a tad deeper along this alley and quickly slid my hand along the side. That’s when I found them or rather they found me…the sharp tip bit into my finger before sliding down into the chair base, just out of reach. Well, at least we found them, right ?

With renewed excitement that the search was over, Rick offered to tilt the chair on it’s side and that’s when we heard them slip farther down into the base with a metallic *clunk*. The bottom of the chair is completely closed and very tightly sewn on.

Rick put the chair back upright, “Sorry Sweetie, well at least you know where they are and we can stop looking for them.”

I replied, “But they’re my favorite ones !”

“You’ll just have to use some other scissors” he stated, “they’re not worth taking the chair apart to dig them out. I mean, how much did those little scissors cost, anyway ?”

Me: “(gulp), ten dollars..”

— slight pregnant pause– Then with raised eyebrows he said, “Well, we’re not taking the chair apart tonight”

And we didn’t. So my favorite scissors have literally become part of my favorite chair. And my favorite husband did not even complain about helping me put the Living Room back into shape after we moved furniture all around. Nor did he ask for an explanation as to why anyone would spend $10 on a tiny pair of scissors. It was my little indulgence. And as long as I’m confessing, I have another pair still in the package, squirreled away for such an calamity as this. So if we don’t end up doing surgery on the chair, I’m still covered.

Rick did suggest, rather strongly but with a smile, that the next pair of scissors I use at that location should have a leash or ribbon attached for easy retrieval just in case. Isn’t he the sweetest and smartest man ? He knows I’ll lose them again, he knows he’ll help look for them again and a leash will make the next search easier :)

~ For those who might be interested, these Rainbow Scissors are super sharp, fun to use and easy to lose. If you wish to purchase a pair, I bought mine online at:    Rainbow Designer Series, Titanium Oxide Finish, 2.5 inch, Delicate Kut


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