Pirate woes; Arrrrrr~ I can’t even get dressed..

Pirate woes; Arrrrrr~ I can’t even get dressed..


Here’s my morning of Pirate woes…. Woke too early with coughing; sore throat and congestion. Drank tea with lemon and honey. Went back to blessed sleep :)
Late morning, got up, took shower, got dressed for the day. Opened the front door to warmer weather than anticipated. Upstairs to rethink outfit. Changed shirt. Changed into nice pair of lightweight jeans. Jeans too long (have avoided hemming prior~). Took off jeans, cut off hem, turned up twice, sewed new hem :)

Ate light lunch in anticipation of noon meeting. I’m to present details of a week-long Summer Pirate Camp I intend to teach at the Parks and Rec. Department. I love kids, I love pirates; win-win situation :)
Cleaning up my dishes, I manage to splash the front area of my newly hemmed pants (okay, crotch actually). Arrrrrr~ Thinking it might look bad for the meeting I go upstairs to re-rethink outfit. Too cool out for a skirt, too warm for heavier jeans. Can’t go naked, so resigned to use hair dryer on the worst of it. Use of hair dryer in close contact creates hot flash and red face :( Do not wish to appear for interview red-faced. or wet. or the appearance of embarrassed red face due to appearing to having just wet, if you follow.
I don’t have time for Pirate woes !
Idea: Meeting is close enough to walk :)

Bad Idea: Don’t wish to walk red-faced and wet through neighborhood. School holiday, kids playing outside…
New Idea: Wait a bit longer, do a few jumping jacks, drive with air conditioner on and arrive on time, mostly dry.
Wish me luck !

P.S. The photo above is not myself. Don’t you just love her ? She does not look like she’s got Pirate woes !

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