Farmer’s Market update; Selling Crafts

Farmer’s Market update; Selling Crafts


We’re tweaking some of the products for our Farmer’s Market booth. We have added new crafts for selling there that are not even offered in our Etsy shop just to test the waters a bit. I don’t usually put many seasonal items on Etsy because buyers often wait until the last minute to order and it’s a bit hectic hoping USPS will get the item to them in time for a Holiday. Also, it’s no fun to store any unsold seasonal crafts (and remember where I stored them!). But we are enjoying having a format/guinea pigs/testing grounds to introduce new items to sell :) I will include some photos of the new crafts within this post for you to peruse…

As of this Saturday, the location of our booth within the Farmer’s Market is going to be different. We have had a single 8″ table to display items from 3 vendors. My husband Rick, makes earrings, pendants and key rings out of the odd Vintage silver plate silverware pieces. He and I make pincushions together; I sew items and also tie dye. We are sharing the space with a friend Robin, who makes cool jewelry out of vintage watch parts. Our table is rather full, which is a good thing. But each of us has more to contribute. Our location has an open back; we are not against a wall and the ‘sitting area’ for us is tight as other vendors are right up against our back. We asked the Market hosts to let us know if something a little bigger became available and… did !

Selling crafts from a booth, stall or table is vastly different than online :) We can actually view folks walking by and pay attention to what catches their eye. They are curious when they see me sewing something or even just refolding/straightening a section of our display. This garners attention and invites people in. The physical movement I’m doing is a great conversation-starter, too. There are often three of us in the booth; we sort of/unofficially/try to take turns greeting people. We attempt to be casual and easy to approach. ~After a day of smiling, sometimes my cheeks are sore :) We’ve been very fortunate in that people are kind and polite and always respond back to our greeting.

So, the first photo peeking at you is a corner of a Mummy Pillow :) I had fun making these and now enjoy the looks they receive from people walking by… They do make folks smile and point these out to their companions. Two quickly sold so the evening of ripping up fabric strips was definitely worth it ! Here is a group shot:


These Mummies would be good for a Halloween Hostess Gift, table centerpiece decor or porch swing pillow. Place next to a pumpkin and you’re all set~

More about the new booth location for us.. We now have a corner spot near an entrance. It has two 6′ tables and is situated with a wall at the back of the space. This means we can now HANG STUFF UP and DECORATE ! Robin and I are over-the-moon about this~ Rick is great with the idea, too but so far has done all the physical moving by himself (sorry honey, I’ll help next time !). Our schedule lately is beyond belief and full of things we didn’t intend to sign up for (car repair$, medical test$, ER vi$it, $urgery consult, court appearance…..cue violins). 

ANYway, we are looking forward to spreading out a little bit in our new space. We love being near a door so we can Greet each one entering and Thank-you-for-coming to those exiting :) We have met the nicest people and they wave or say, “Hello” when we see them again. I hope our enthusiasm will keep them coming back to see new items. Hopefully they will think of us when shopping for the upcoming Holidays.

Rick created some pendants and earrings from Vintage silver plate silverware recently and we are adding those to the Farmer’s Market as they get finished. At this point, all the finished ones are already on our table there and I neglected to take photos first :( I will share some images of the next batch we get done.

Below is another addition, Googly Eye Earrings for Halloween or just for fun :) I think I’ll wear a pair like this when opening the door for Trick-or-Treaters !


So far, we have had really good ‘luck’ with estimating the monetary needs for our ‘kitty’. It’s good to have a supply of one and five dollar bills. We don’t have any coin-priced items and that simplifies our transactions. We are willing to take local checks and we do have a card-reader but haven’t used it (and no one has asked…). We are fortunate to have an ATM in the Market building (even though the building is small). Cash is what most folks use there. Also, there is a bank just across the street which is handy.

Selling crafts at the Farmer’s Market continues to be a learning experience for us. We look forward to seeing what the next one will be like with our new space and set-up !


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