Are you familiar with Etsy ?

Are you familiar with Etsy ?

Dear Readers,

  Do you enjoy online window shopping ? Are you a creative person or one who enjoys creativity in general ? Do you get stumped on buying a gift for that hard-to-please relative in the family ? Do you need a place to get craft supplies ? Are you a Vintage-lover ?  All these queries and more are addressed at Etsy. This is a selling venue with individuals shops. The three selling categories there are:          

1~ Handmade (by the seller)

2~ Supplies (components to make or ship a craft)

3~ Vintage (at least 20 years old)

   I have purchased way too many craft supplies like fabric, jewelry pieces, ear wires and beads. I have bought too many found unique handmade gift items such as personalized signs, hand knit dishcloths, custom graphics, wall decals, wood pens. There are loads of tempting Vintage and Antique items and yes, I have purchased a few dozen of them as well. I have met the nicest people through Etsy, both as a buyer and a seller. I love to explore the site and see the incredible talent displayed there ! Just a brief visit gets my creative juices flowing :) There is a lot of inspiration to be found among the pages.

  Here are some examples to check out: Monster pillows, tatted lace, trendy banners and garlands, dinosaur planters, edible grass decor, cuckoo clocks, sea glass jewelry, Loch Ness monster T-shirts, Eiffel Tower photographs, graffiti tennis shoes, Victorian corsets, Finger Pincushions, anvils, alpaca hand-spun yarn…….and the list goes on.

  Unfortunately, like any venue, you will come across some shops that don’t play by the rules with some not-so-handmade items. Some feel that Somebody Somewhere made it so they list it as handmade. And this is wrong. There are some illegals that sell copyright items and do not specify they have the license to do so. I would advise you to shop with a discerning eye. If you come across an item that you feel does not seem to be as it should, use the “report” button to notify Etsy and let them investigate.

  My husband and I have two Etsy shops.  { Sewn items and supplies  { Vintage and Antique items

We have been buyers on Etsy for years and just last year began selling in earnest :) If you have any questions about Etsy or how things work there, I would be happy to hear from you. I am no expert but have experience to share.

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