In Your Dreams…

In Your Dreams…


What goes on at night in your dreams ? Do you even remember a dream the next day ? Do dreams wake you up ? Have you ever had a dream that was a repeat ? Do you dream in COLOR ?

I don’t like it when someone says that you dream what you really want to happen…because I really don’t want to go to a Liverwurst Festival. Yes, last night I had a dream about the topic of first dates and I was advising someone not to choose the Liverwurst Festival as their first date. That’s NOT what I would want to remember. First of all, I don’t even like liverwurst. Why would that be in a dream of mine ? I was advising someone (don’t know who) to go somewhere else on their first date together. Not that the first date has to be perfect, but really consider the memories you are creating when choosing the destination. Make sure it’s something of mutual interest. In my dream, for some reason, I suggested ice skating as an alternative. Personally, I haven’t been on an ice rink for about 20 years so I don’t know where that thought came from~


When I woke up, I thought about the crazy dream I’d had and I smiled. I realized that actually, my hubby would agree to go just about anywhere with me so I called him at work to ask,

“Would you go with me on a date to a Liverwurst Festival ?”

There was a very brief pause and then he replied, “If that’s where you want to go, we can do that…”

And I asked him if he’d go ice skating with me. He said he would :) He’s such a nice guy.

He asked me, “So IS there a Liverwurst Festival ?”

I explained about my crazy dream. And the fact that I knew he’d go with me wherever. Because he’s such a nice guy and I’m so lucky :)  He knows I don’t like liverwurst, nor do I ice skate well. However, what a joy it is to be married to someone willing to accompany me to either activity !

Later, I Googled it, there is actually an event called, “Liverwurst Fest” started by some guys in a band wanting to host a sort of jam session with food and beer….you can read about it here:

Then I found this fabulous site that sells Liverwurst Sandwich Bottled Water. For I don’t know what reason~ They have other wonderful flavors such as:

Beef Jerky ~ Shrimp Salad ~ Fried Oysters ~ and many more that will turn off your taste buds  :P   Here is the website, check it our for yourself…you can’t make this stuff up !

Wishing you a happy day and wonderful dreams.



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