From an auction… Part 2

From an auction… Part 2





From an auction Part 2   

Part 1 can be read here:

This is the second half of the auction day post :)



This little heart-shaped leaf was on the path between our furniture and the truck. I passed it while taking the first few chairs down the path. It was a bright Spring green color and stood out against the brown dirt background. I tucked it into my pocket to show Rick later when I caught up to him :) By the time we had unloaded the truck twice and had a chance to sit down, the leaf was looking rather wilted and off-color (sort of how Rick and I felt !).

Well, I was hoping I would have some good news about the quilt pieces Rick found in the old chair-seat, but alas, they did not survive :(  Here are the pictures of the awesome chair and the dusty, dirty quilt pieces hidden inside the seat:



You can see they are quite aged and dilapidated. I gently rinsed one section under cool water. At first it seemed okay, but then it quickly began to deteriorate :( The fibers simply dissolved. I was left holding a stringy, smelly mess. I really hated to throw them out but had no choice. They were just too brittle to handle much at all. My fingertips broke the little squares apart as I laid them out to inspect them up-close. I couldn’t even keep a piece to frame because they were so fragile. So much History in this single chair from an auction ! I wish we knew more of the background and owners; if only the quilt could talk…

Here is another fun surprise we found among our miscellaneous boxes;

m2This is a coin/trinket tray with a character from a newspaper comic strip that first appeared in The Chicago Tribune and New York News in 1923. His name is Moon Mullens. “Moon” was short for Moonshine; this was during the prohibition and he was a drinking man. He was usually featured smoking a cigar. The one on this figurine is broken off~or maybe it’s just been smoked down to a stub :)

He was wrapped up with this collection of Vintage coins. They are a variety of dates, from 1928 to 1962; mostly 20s and 30s era. Coins are Francs (from France), Dutch Belgies (from Belgium) and Centavos (from Mexico). There is one 1929 Great Britain One Penny coin…it is fairly common but worth about $6 USD all by itself. (We paid $1 for the box lot~)

m6We just never know what we’ll be bringing home from an auction !

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