Once Upon a Time… Part 2

Once Upon a Time… Part 2

Once upon a time, there was a girl, a guy and a sewing machine…

  Okay, you’ve met the girl, me. And I introduced you to the sewing machine. Here you get to meet “the guy” and learn a bit more about us.

  I met Rick at church. His parents taught my 5th grade Sunday School class and that’s where I first saw him. Cute, nice and rather quiet is what I remember. We simply knew each other, and each other’s family as we all were involved in church activities. We dated in high school and married in college.

  At one point (before we married) he was working for my Dad so I saw him frequently. He saw the sewing machine and the amount of work it needed and offered to help. Since I didn’t really know what I was doing and the progress was going s-l-o-w, I was thrilled for the assistance. The sewing machine was covered in layers of cream paint with gold accents. I think we counted seven layers of thickly applied paint. This was Rick’s first antique refinishing project and he was quickly up to his elbows in paint stripper. He caught the ‘bug’ then and now loves antiques. He is patient and talented, bringing old and broken items back to life. His projects are often impossible-looking to the rest of us, but he surprises us with stunning results !

  The funny thing is, Rick came from a very contemporary decor background. Growing up with gold flocked wallpaper, new white couches, modern decor with clean, neat lines. I grew up surrounded by Antiques. They were simply the furniture we used and I thought it was perfectly normal. My childhood bed was a lovely white Jenny Lind Spool bed. My folded clothes were in a bow-front bird’s eye maple dresser with a matching mirror vanity and fancy curved stool. Our ancient camel back, tufted, wood frame couch was over 100 years old with fabulous patina. The old but pretty walnut coffee table was a long rectangle with each end folded down but could be propped up for extra space as needed. We were allowed to sit cross-legged on the couch and also prop our feet on the coffee table. Our furniture was solid and quite useable. We had a tiered,  pie-crust side table that my Dad had bought in pieces and put back together. My Mom filled it with a variety of knick-knacks they found in Antique shops.

  I think of his home as being structured, in order, well-planned and with matching decor. Mine was an eclectic, often chaotic mixture of styles and periods, thrown in a Victorian house that constantly needed repaired, painted, reshingled.

  Together, our married life and hobbies are a mixture. We have some structure (we did homeschool 4 kids and live through it, even the years they were all teenagers at the same time). Some chaotic and eclectic parts to our family (we all have our creative outlets).

Gpa2  My Sweet Hubby, Rick.  …and our adorable grandson.

   Smach    And that old sewing machine ? We still have that. It still works and we still love it.

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