Beginner Sewing Projects & Blogs, Learn to Sew – 10 Awesome Resources !

Beginner Sewing Projects & Blogs, Learn to Sew – 10 Awesome Resources !

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Here is a list of 10 Awesome Resources for Beginner Sewing Projects and Blogs. There’s something for everybody, so take a look and see what inspires you.

New to Sewing ? Want to learn how to sew ? Believe it or not, I envy you ! You have a huge new world of adventure before you :) So many choices, fun new styles, great online resources, wonderful books and magazines… I would love to take you to the fabric store and watch your eyes light up !

I have taught beginning sewing to small groups. It is a pleasure to guide someone through their initial sewing project as they use their shiny, new seam ripper and fun colored thimble. How awesome to be part of the first finished project and see that satisfied smile :)

When you get into town, look me up and we’ll sit down at the sewing table together~ But for now, I have found a batch of inspiring beginner sewing projects and blogs for you. These are not boring, Jr. High School items. They are fresh ideas and can be made from a variety of fabrics; either new from the fabric store or upcycled from the back of your closet. Free patterns and Instructions !

I picked ones I enjoyed reading; most have detailed instructions with helpful photos showing you the way  step-by-step. I would love to hear from you what ones you like in particular. Please feel free to add to this list ! Let’s share good resources and pass the love of sewing on~

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1~ Better Homes and Gardens, Easy Sewing Projects ( Check out their videos, slideshows and tutorials. Make items that won’t take forever to finish. Print out the patterns needed free from their site. Make yourself an eyeglass holder, tote, or even fabric bookends.

2~ Sew Mama Sew, Beginner Sewing Posts (  How to use a pattern, Buying your sewing machine, good ideas and fun patterns for lots of gifts. Sew a sachet, construct a garment, make a small quilt ! There is also a variety of sewing projects for kids to make.

3~ Craftsy (  has online sewing lessons. There are free short videos on winding a bobbin, threading a sewing machine and using a zipper foot. You can purchase lessons and patterns. They offer many free patterns and tutorials as well.
***It was pointed out to me that this link is no longer good :( I’m not sure if the tutorial videos I saw were no longer on the site or perhaps were changed to a pay-to-view ?? Anyway, here’s a long link to a few freebie tutes on the site: 

4~ Another Better Homes and Gardens site: How to Sew (  Sewing tips, free patterns, lots of “First Projects”. Info on basic sewing, supplies, fabric selection and more. Great photos, easy to finish projects will have you sewing on your own quickly :)

5~ Sewing Novice (  is a fun site to find sewing inspiration. How-to’s, Holiday Sewing, learning to use sewing tools, sewing for the Kitchen and for Kids. There is a beginner’s guide that lists what you need to begin sewing and a list of places to buy sewing supplies.

6~ Raechel Myers site (  has a fantastic section called, “Sewing 101” where she walks you through four weeks of tasks (free) and builds your skills as you go. Learn about threading, seams, darts, buttons, pattern use and finishing a few projects, too !

7~ Tilly and the Buttons (   Get to know your machine, make yourself a scarf, make a skirt for the Summer~ Great instructions, fun photos, easy garment sewing. There’s even a list of common sewing machine mistakes (and how to fix them) with close up photos :)

8~ So Sew Easy (  Here is a collection of items that are good first ‘beginner sewing’ projects. Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow, Sew a simple skirt, placemats, headbands, buntings, wine bags…the list goes on~ Some are on this site, some will take you to another blog or website when you click on the picture.

9~ Crazy Little Projects ( This page lists “25 Things to sew in Under 10 minutes”. Of course, that’s just the sewing time, not cutting or any prep time, but still absolutely worth a look. You’ll find instructions for bookmarks, a key holder, infinity scarf, pillows and more. Lots of photo details to assist you.

10~  The local LIBRARY :) Yes, your library has the latest books and magazines on sewing, quilting, holiday gifts, etc. There are videos, DVD’s and ‘Books-on-Tape’, full of instructions just waiting for you to discover ! Ask where the New Items are displayed to see brand new crafting books. Just flipping through a new sewing book or magazine will get you in the mood to sew. The resources at the Library are free to check out (if you have one near you~). My suggestion for your First Sewing Project: make a Library Book Bag ! This would be a rewarding and very useful item. Be sure to include a button-flap pocket to store your Library Card.

Happy Sewing, you lucky Beginners ! I wish you lots of luck and much joy. May your bobbins always be full :)



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