A Smile a Day… Is there humor in sewing ?

A Smile a Day… Is there humor in sewing ?

Sometimes there is humor in sewing. And sometimes it’s just a bad day to sew.

There are days of sewing that run seamlessly (~pun sort of intended).  And then there are moments in a sewing project that just implode and one must STOP to avoid injury. The wise person learns to recognize when that moment arises. I’m still learning..



I had a large project spread out on our large and lovely farmhouse style dining room table (don’t judge, there’s still room to eat). Using a fresh needle in the sewing machine, I was stitching along, gaining momentum on said project. Without warning, the bobbin runs out of thread. Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine. Can we please have a blinking light when the bobbin is running low ? Is that too much to ask ? Whatever. I stop to refill the bobbin.  

Done, putting it back in I drop it. Naturally, being wheel-shaped, it shoots away from me rolling across the table and onto the floor where it gains speed (wood flooring) and takes off. Before I can get out of my chair and follow, all sound has stopped and I cannot locate the bobbin. I check under the table, moving chair legs out of the way, but do not see it. Because the table is so large, no overhead light shines under it and it is quite dark; too dark to see a bobbin. I go get a flashlight to aid in my search and crawl under the table. In position now, I discover the flashlight batteries are nearly dead as I only have a tiny pinhole of light to work with. Great; I now go and search for new batteries, praying we have the right size..

Fresh batteries installed, I’m back under the table. The bright light shows me a collection of dust bunnies, an earring backing and a few random Cheerios but no bobbin in sight. I grab a scrap of fabric from the nearby wastebasket and do a quick swipe/sweep of the area, picking up dust and cereal. I crawl out collecting more dust and bits on the knees of my pants, toss the trash, straighten the chairs, put away the flashlight and return to my seat. Fine, just fill another bobbin and keep sewing..

Second bobbin filled and put in place, I’m back on track. Until….the foot pedal makes a squeak and ‘feels funny’ ?? I remove my sewing project from the machine and feed in a scrap to check things out. Yes, it’s definitely acting weird. Sewing fine but stops and starts and the pedal is not right. Being the techie that I am (not), I do the obvious and well-known routine steps that often mysteriously help; I turn off the machine and turn it back on. Nope, it still is weird. I unplug the pedal cord, pause and plug it back in. Didn’t help. I start to pull up the foot pedal unit to investigate when suddenly the missing bobbin shoots out from under the pedal lever and disappears (again). I go back under the table, looking for the bobbin. Thanks to my first ‘sweep’, it’s cleaner but I still do not see the bobbin lurking amid chair legs. I back up to widen my search area and hit my head on the leaf extenders under the table. *grunt* Okay, search over. I give up for now~ And crawling out, that’s when I find it; the bobbin, with my kneecap. Yikes, it hurts~

Coming back up for air, I take my seat. I roll up my pant leg to view the round, bobbin-sized dent in my knee. There is a small cut oozing tiny round bubbles of stain-making blood. Off to the bathroom cupboard to get a bandage.. That’s when I realize the bobbin is still down there; under the table. Well it’s not going anywhere and won’t hurt me anymore as long as I let it lie there. I already have the fresh bobbin in place so I return to my sewing project.

I’m approaching a difficult section of hemming rounded edges and decide to pin this carefully to insure a flat, neat hem. I grab the pincushion and start the process of pinning every inch or so. There is a slight problem with a couple of the pins being dull-pointed. I throw the offending ones in the trash and retrieve more from my trusty pincushion. Alas, I find another dull pin :(  I have a new, unopened little box of pins I’ve been meaning to switch to…now is a good time. I heartlessly pick out all the old pins and toss them into the wastebasket. How fun to have a new container of pins to use for this tedious hemming ! No doubt they will shave precious minutes off the sewing time due to their efficiency :) Reaching into my supply box I rummage to find the new pins. Oh, there’s the pinking shears I wanted yesterday ! And I find a scrap of paper with a lone phone number on it; Hmmmm~ wonder who that is.. Finally I locate the new pins. They are packaged in the cutest little plastic bin/container. There’s a tiny kiss-lock on the front but it just won’t budge. On closer inspection, there’s a skinny little piece of tape over that area. The tape is stuck on very tight. I go back to my supplies and grab a pair of scissors (of course they are NOT sewing scissors, these are craft scissors). My plan is to tickle the edge of the tape on one corner to release an edge to pull. Nope, too sticky. Okay, so then I try to score across the seam of the opening. Nope, it literally won’t cut it ! Fine. I go get a handy pocket knife and carefully slice through the tape. This works well until I try to open the container and it literally comes apart at the hinge sending pins flying in every direction !

I am now picking new, very sharp pins out of my lap, pants and skin. There’s no way to scoop them without further finger pricking so it’s a one-at-a-time process. They are also scattered across my project and table. Some have joined the bobbin under the table. As I poke each one into the pincushion, I have time to reflect on the evening’s progress. In just under two hours, I have filled two bobbins, cleaned under the dining room table twice, rearranged the chairs, replaced dead batteries in the flashlight, cleaned out and refilled my pincushion, and sewn approximately 22 inches of the current hemming project. At what point should I have thrown in the towel ? I don’t believe in giving up too soon but there’s a limit to progress being made amid the follies. There comes a point when you realize there’s a diminishing return on what you’re accomplishing and I think I’ve passed that stage.

Before I am able to stop for the evening, I must once again return to the underside of the table and search for remaining pins (and the errant bobbin). Eventually, the pins are neatly sticking in the pincushion. The bobbin is tucked away with the rest of the bobbins. My sewing machine is turned off. I am ready to wrap it up. In order to be really safe, I must get out the broom and do a thorough sweep of the area. Even as I do this, I know there’s a good chance of finding a pin the next time I go barefoot :(

And so it goes.


(Yes, I created the Vintage Vessel Blue Dove Pincushion pictured in the post…there’s a similar white one for sale in my Etsy shop at present. See the end of this post for a photo and link.)

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