Sewing and Kids ~Library How-To Fair

Sewing and Kids ~Library How-To Fair

I spent a hectic but rewarding afternoon at the Library’s “How To Fair”. Various business folk participated with booths of information and make-n-take crafts in the Library children’s department. Ages ranged from K to 5th grade, plus their younger toddler siblings. There was a puppet show, friendship bracelets, pet care info, planting seedlings, cake decorating, etc. I set up a table with a sewing display and assisted older kids sewing buttons onto a cloth quilted bookmark. Younger ones glued together (their fingers and-) a paper patchwork quilt onto a bed illustration my son made. A fun time was had by all. It was slightly organized chaos. ~And unusually loud for a Library !
I love working with kids. I enjoy sewing and kids learning to sew.  It’s fun to see them master a task. Their accomplishment brings such a satisfied smile of confidence and new discovery ! They also love to talk. Sewing Bees always inspire good conversations.

Let me share some of the priceless queries of the day:

Are buttons washable ? (Yes, similar to the buttons on your shirt.)
What happens if I poke myself with the needle ? (It hurts and you bleed.)

My mom’s terrible at sewing. You can ask her. (Awesome; I’ll take your word for it.)

What’s inside your pincushions ? (It’s a secret. If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.)

Did you really sew all this? Dad says people can’t sew worth sh%#. (hmm~)

Will you hold my buttons while I go pee ? (um, the buttons here on the table, yes..)

Did your mom sew all these things ? (No, she doesn’t sew.)

I thought machines sewed everything. (Nope.)

Do people still BUY pincushions ? (So far, so good.)

Do you think I can sew when I grow up ? (Yes, and you can start now !)

My mom says you can’t use sewing scissors for cutting paper. (Smart Mom !)

Can you teach my Dad to sew ? (Sure, send him over.)

Wow~ buttons come in colors, not just black ? (Oh, my poor child…)

After this can we make a dress ? (After this, I’m making dinner, sweetie)

Doesn’t sewing make you crazy ? (um, no that would be hat makers from the 1800s. Me~ I sew for sanity.)

You’re nice. I like your scissors. I’m not allowed to use scissors at my house. What if I stab somebody or poke someone’s eye out ? (Good questions..can I have those scissors back, please ?)









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