Earthquake and Scissors…

Earthquake and Scissors…

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Earthquake and Scissors~

I used to live in Southern California. You know that place where everyone expects will fall into the ocean next time there’s a large earthquake ? We experienced some shakes and trembling. We had a few plate-rattling shakers and items-falling-off-the-shelves earthquakes that were long enough for us to have conversations about it, gather the kids and stand in the doorway until it stopped. 

Now we live in the Midwest; Northern Indiana. The ground shakes when tractors or trains rumble through the area. Otherwise, the terra firma here is quite stable, thank you very much. Until today. Did you feel that earthquake ?? It was an exciting shake that people here are, well, really shook up about. For many, it was their FIRST TIME so a significant event to be sure. I’m happy to state that so far, no injuries have been reported :) Naturally, it caused a lot of questions and concern. Folks wonder what could have caused it and there has been speculation about weather, a hidden fault, plate boundaries, geographic pressures, etc. Folks are barking up the wrong tree. I know exactly what happened and whose “fault” it was…

I’m minding my own business, doing dishes (as usual). Someone (who shall remain nameless) was working on a project in the other room. At one point he (or she) waltzed through, looking for electrical tape (do you see where this is going ?). Well that seems innocent enough, right ? I mean, people use this sticky, thick product all the time. It’s sort of a standard tool-box-general-handyman-supply. Electrical tape is applied to various things every day on this planet. I don’t even register the need for concern. Plus, this person is a beloved member of the family. One who is well-versed in house etiquette and is known for his (or her) ability to get along with others. I have absolute trust in him (her).

So imagine my incredible surprise on entering the dining room just in time to see him/her/oh what the heck my own flesh and blood cutting ELECTRICAL TAPE with a pair of SEWING SCISSORS !!  Of COURSE the ground shook ! Sacred shears have been violated, desecration has occurred, dishonorable damage was done (you get the idea..)~

When I could catch my breath, I asked in a somewhat calm voice, “WHAT do you THINK you are DOING ?!
He replied with a sheepish smile, “Cutting some electrical tape.”
“I see that,” I state, “and you used my SEWING SCISSORS to do it !”
“It was just a couple of ‘snips’. And I couldn’t find any other scissors around here.” (Like that’s a good reason…)
I look around and can see a pair of scissors on the kitchen counter visible in the next room and a pair in the pencil holder on the computer table in the adjoining living room as well as two pair sitting out on the dresser 10 feet away from the offender. I am stunned; there are no words. I have heard of these things happening but never expected to see it with my own eyes in my own house.

So yes, the ground shook. People two states away felt the vibrations. And now you know why. This is what really happened.


***Here’s a photo of one of my favorite Vintage scissors. They have NOT been used for cutting electrical tape. At least, not that I know of….   Pdot5

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