This is just a test, right ? I mean, it’s April 22 already. Past Spring, yes ? 

So, snow ?? Today ? Reallllly ?? Wow.

I love snow. I love the way it decorates everything. I love that it starts out with the tiniest speck of white. Very calmly and quietly. Just barely there. A couple hours later, the ground is completely covered.

The ugliest landscape is improved by the sprinkling of its powdered-sugar appearance. Trash cans look festive :) I’m excited to see it arrive in the late Fall. I find it fascinating how thoroughly it changes the view. I adore seeing how folks play in it, mold it, push it around, stomp through it. I enjoy making snow angels. Even the sound of taking a walk through snow is entertaining; sometimes it squeaks, sometimes it’s so dry and crunchy !

As mounds of snow melt, they become fragile evolving snow sculptures like this one at the curb:

It’s fun to find critter-prints in the snow, especially close to the house. We see these little bird paths on our porch:


After enjoying a few days of 70 degrees, I did not expect to see snow today !! But it’s falling like crazy outside, blurring the view, hitting the window and filling cracks in the sidewalk.

I guess I should go sew a snow quilt….

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