Sewing and Crafting Blogs

Sewing and Crafting Blogs


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Today as I was going through the weekend’s worth of emails, perusing what I like and deleting junk, I decided to make a list of some of the fun and informative blogs I enjoy so you can browse them and possibly find a new favorite ! Not all are strictly Sewing but they are creative blogs. I will give a very brief description with each so you know what to expect :)  Read on !   This is a sewing blog, the kind that is show-and-tell. SparkleJane is a young teen who has a love for sewing. When I first ‘met’ her, she was 12, blogging and sewing. I purchased a small bow-tie quilt and pincushion from her right off the bat, wanting to support a young sew-er. They are well made and really lovely ! She creates quilts of various sizes and pincushions. There are a list of her items for sale on the blog. She also writes tidbits about her school and home life.   This blog is written by SparkleJane’s mom. She writes a bit about her family, gives reviews, tutorials, clothing construction, recycling and more. Her blog has a section this year titled, “52 in 2015”  which is SparkleJane and her mom’s goal of making 52 baby quilts this year ! They will be giving some away, selling a few and donating the rest to the hospital where SparkleJane had heart surgery in 2012.

Quilting-Sewing-Creating   Kathy is a blogger for Chicago Now Blogs. She reports about quilt shows and events, shares sewing trivia, creative books, tutorials and her latest projects. she is a quilter with a sense of humor :)    Karen Ball has a knitting and sewing blog sharing tips, photos and projects. Lots of projects and inspiration here. She shares tutorials and offers encouraging insight. I love seeing progressive photos of the projects :)    Amy is a quilter, pattern designer and mom. She has a good eye for color and shares her projects and tutorials freely with her readers. Always a PoP of color in her work ! There are free online projects for a variety of sewing levels and time-constraints.    Sarah draws and create whimsical art, embroidery patterns, and has a line of fabric. Her blog offers many free downloads (selected art prints, paper dolls, crafts). There are reviews, tutorials, show-and-tell and lots of inspiration !    Sweet old fashioned and prim projects ! Dawn shares her talents, free tutorials, tips, reviews, artwork and inspiration. Her style is Vintage-y, Primitive and Victorian. She creates with lace, buttons, gauze, tea-staining, graphics and especially loves items highlighting birds. You will find a variety of mediums and projects; something for everyone :)    Shannon has an inspiring way of writing. She admits human characteristics of frustrations, shortcomings, joys and sorrows. Her creative blog touches on subjects such as being a nurturing mom and a caring neighbor, how-to projects for simple decorating on a budget, kids, life and adoptions. There are projects in progress photos which are so helpful !    Embroidery, sewing, applique, recipes, free tutorials and more. Helen creates sweet projects showing step-by-step photos. She also sells magazines, sewing patterns, kits, quilt patterns and craft patterns. There’s a lot of information on the blog as well as tons of inspiration !    This is a wonderful blog that covers a variety of subjects~ cooking, entertainment, photography, homeschooling, decorating, gardening, family adventures, fun interviews… Ree includes amazing works-in-progress photos highlighting the fun as well as the not so fun projects. Relaxing reading of the home life on a ranch mixed with humor of the daily living antics of raising four kids and a number of other critters. She is also a writer and is very creative. I can’t say enough great things about this site so you just need to check it out on your own :)   With amazing humor, Victoria walks us through her latest Craigslist or Yard Sale find from the purchase of a dilapidated item to its grand transformation into something sort of useful :) The adventures described are endearing, as is the patience of her husband who gets hooked into unusual tote-and-carry situations. Not a sewing blog exactly, but creativity and home decor abound. She includes lots of photos with her variety of crafts, decor ideas and house renovations. Lots of been-there-done-that wisdom to help others avoid costly mistakes and such when tackling a new project.

And of course, I hope you return to visit me here at  Oodles

It is my goal to post helpful, amusing and creative blogs. If you write a blog to offer or have one you like to read to recommend to others, please contact me so I can add them in future posts !  Thanks~

Enjoy your blog reading !   ~Cheri

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