Sewing Slump.

Sewing Slump.

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Do you ever get stuck ? You’re working on a project and suddenly there is no motivation. The muse of creativity has “left the station” and you’re stumped. It happens to me sometimes. If I push forward anyway, I make a mess of things with uninspired bits and pieces. The ‘flow’ is gone and I can’t force it. What can you do ? How do you get in the mood to sew ?There’s no guarantee, no sure-fire way to return to productivity but I have tried these different routes:


1~ Walk Away. Yep, don’t even think about sewing. Go start a load of laundry or a batch of cookies. Scrub the bathtub, water the plants, take a vitamin (I’m always forgetting to do that!). Ignore the guilt. Walk to the Library or go get a cola slushie. Write a letter (pen to paper) to a friend. Go to the park and listen to the birds. Hit the treadmill. Apply yourself elsewhere. Eventually, in the middle of ignoring it, the creative bug returns :)

2~ Dig out some craft/quilt/sewing magazines. Find a really horrible pattern and vow never to make that. Then find some really fun pattern and read it all the way through. Visualize what fabric you have that would be a good fit for this. Do you have thread to match ? Who would you make it for ? Suddenly, you’re feeling crafty again :)

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3~ Go online. Look for sewing blogs. Check out new fabrics at a favorite quilt shop or fabric store. Think of a nonsense phrase (feather sandwich) and type it into the shop’s search bar. Think of an outlandish fabric or color combination (rainbow zebra); type that in. You will be surprised at what is there. The crafter in you will smile :)


Honestly, the above tips can help. It may take some time, but the juices will get flowing again. Now get back to work :)

Happy Crafting, All !

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