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Winding down for the year.

Winding down for the year.

“Winding down for the year” sounds like slowing down or slowly getting final details in place.. yeah, but No, not really. It also means less time to finish out last minute orders, box and mail out items, beating deadlines :) So, here I was, sewing away late at night. Fun teddy bear projects made with flannel :) I still had plenty of time so I wasn’t rushing but maybe because I was nearly done and excited to be finished, this happened….

I poked myself with the needle. Not a huge deal, but you need to stop what you’re doing to get cleaned up so the item doesn’t get soiled~ Okay then, back to work..I’m on a roll ! Getting it done and -wham! I get poked again, practically in the same spot :( It happened so fast I had to go back and take photos to see how it happened.. Guess it’s time to stop for the evening !

These two tiny holes look something like a snake bite puncture..or a small vampire :) This is the sort of thing that determines if it’s time for a break or it’s okay to continue. First offense, time for a short break. Get up, get cleaned up, get a drink and breathe :) Okay, now go back to it. If it happens again ? Time to stop. Really, just quit for the day or at least a few hours. Do something else that’s non-sewing/crafting. Let your muscles relax for a while. Do something that doesn’t require fine details with intensity…maybe go mow the lawn or start some laundry. Perfect time for a mindless task :)



Wishing you days of pain-free stitching !!