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DIY Sew a Memory or Keepsake Pillow Tutorial

DIY Sew a Memory or Keepsake Pillow Tutorial

Memory or Keepsake Pillow to Sew


   Christmas is coming :) Here is a great gift to consider for a family member; a Memory or Keepsake Pillow. Both terms are for the same type of craft but come from different angles. Typically a “Memory Pillow” refers to someone or something from the past. Perhaps a family member has died. This project is a nice way to honor that person by using an article of clothing or other textile they once owned and used. Maybe you have one of Grandpa’s favorite fishing shirts or Great Aunt Bessie’s famous Thanksgiving Apron. It could be you want to save a section of a relative’s antique wedding dress or tattered heirloom quilt.
A “Keepsake Pillow” is a usually a way to preserve something often connected to an event. Items such as a sports jersey, Scout’s uniform, band jacket, beloved baby blankie or epic concert t-shirt can be used to make a pillow. It could also be a combination of pieces or graphics from several items in a patchwork design to accommodate more than one sports jersey or concert t-shirt.
The possibilities are endless. Lots of themes, patterns, designs, color-matching may be involved. Upcycle a garment or several, into a fun accent pillow !










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