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Gifts for Quilters…a whole website full ! Gift idea resource for You.

Gifts for Quilters…a whole website full ! Gift idea resource for You.

Recently while recovering from a boring illness, I actually  blew a ton of time, wasted days, aimlessly wandered the internet ..spent some time researching new sewing and quilting resources. I am compiling lists to share with you soon :)

But this one site, I will happily share now ! “The Quilting Rose” has gathered a collection of goodies that would make awesome gifts for any Quilter or Sewing Fiend. There are sections for: Classes, Home Decor, Jewelry, Supplies, Clothing… Not a ton of items, I imagine it’s a growing list in progress :) What an awesome excuse motivation for developing the website !  Gift ideas for Quilters and those who Sew :) I fully approve.

This is a perfect way to answer the well-meaning question: “What do you want for your birthday/Christmas/having survived that root canal ?” Refer your hubby and friends to this site, letting them know your preferences..
You will have fun reading through the gifts for quilters. There is a photo for each gift idea plus a brief but good description. At the bottom of the description, there is a long green button marked, “Click to Shop”. clicking the button will take you directly to the seller and source of the item. No ads, sign-ups or extra steps.
*** Imagine my excitement to find my sewing book listed among the sewing gifts list :)  ~posted on July 24, 2015

Have Fun browsing through this site:

Gifts for Quilters Who Never Cut Corners.