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More about Pirate and Princess Camps….

More about Pirate and Princess Camps….

Welcome back, me mateys !                            smlpiratefaceblue

I survived my presentation of my Pirate and Princess Camp to the Parks and Rec. folks. Our meeting went well (whew!). The Camp proposals were presented and approved at the next council meeting (yeah !). Then I got word that  I ‘passed muster’ personally (this included references and background check) (so officially I’m not as crazy as my kids may think).

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Pirate woes; Arrrrrr~ I can’t even get dressed..

Pirate woes; Arrrrrr~ I can’t even get dressed..


Here’s my morning of Pirate woes…. Woke too early with coughing; sore throat and congestion. Drank tea with lemon and honey. Went back to blessed sleep :)
Late morning, got up, took shower, got dressed for the day. Opened the front door to warmer weather than anticipated. Upstairs to rethink outfit. Changed shirt. Changed into nice pair of lightweight jeans. Jeans too long (have avoided hemming prior~). Took off jeans, cut off hem, turned up twice, sewed new hem :)

Ate light lunch in anticipation of noon meeting. I’m to present details of a week-long Summer Pirate Camp I intend to teach at the Parks and Rec. Department. I love kids, I love pirates; win-win situation :)
Cleaning up my dishes, I manage to splash the front area of my newly hemmed pants (okay, crotch actually). Arrrrrr~ Thinking it might look bad for the meeting I go upstairs to re-rethink outfit. Too cool out for a skirt, too warm for heavier jeans. Can’t go naked, so resigned to use hair dryer on the worst of it. Use of hair dryer in close contact creates hot flash and red face :( Do not wish to appear for interview red-faced. or wet. or the appearance of embarrassed red face due to appearing to having just wet, if you follow.
I don’t have time for Pirate woes !
Idea: Meeting is close enough to walk :)

Bad Idea: Don’t wish to walk red-faced and wet through neighborhood. School holiday, kids playing outside…
New Idea: Wait a bit longer, do a few jumping jacks, drive with air conditioner on and arrive on time, mostly dry.
Wish me luck !

P.S. The photo above is not myself. Don’t you just love her ? She does not look like she’s got Pirate woes !

P.P.S. I invite you to visit our two Etsy shops, nothing Pirate-y at the moment, but you never know. > Sewing Goodies, Pincushions, Crafty Fun  > Antique and Vintage Goodies

Blog trials and tribulations…and a Call to Crafters !

Blog trials and tribulations…and a Call to Crafters !

I just want to be left in peace to sew..and then to write about what I sew or to write about what I read about sewing. I like sewing. I think there are other people who also like sewing and reading about sewing. It’s who we are, what we do :)

So imagine my surprise when I started blogging and receiving messages from people who don’t care about sewing. They spam me with info that will “change your life” and “make your blog profitable”. They offer amazing writing help with low-cost options such as the services of a proof-reader (I already have spell-check for free, Thanks). They want me to sign up with their bot-service so it will ‘beef up’ my readership (real people actually read this already). I’m offered tips on how to improve my writing with messages full of typos and broken English (I’m fluent in English). I get promises of time-saving apps I should be using (and spend precious time deleting the spam). Web builders push their services (our son, who builds websites, created our amazing business website).

Anytime you put yourself out in public, you open yourself up to the trials and tribulations of the public. If you are timid, this will startle and scare you. If you are a seasoned Grandma-lady, you know you must let it roll of your back and move on :) Lots of people want to tell you what you’re doing wrong. They will attempt to show you/share their opinion about what you need to improve. You can try to remain your usual polite-self and spend time responding to those who ‘know better’ or you can ignore them and push forward, doing your own thing :)

Yes, I put spam filters in place. And no, I don’t get bogged down by bots. Nor do I spend a lot of time on spam-mail and bogus comments.

I just want to say, I’ve met the nicest people online. Real kindred spirits. People who create awesome things with their bare hands. I’m awed and impressed. THAT’S who I respond to :) Those are the folks I connect with and enjoy. They are inspiring to me ! I love to read about what they are up to and see what sparks their creativity. I’m in awe to read about moms of young kids who carve out enough time daily/weekly to run a business while donating time to their favorite charity. You go, Girl ! I don’t know how you manage it, but Kudos to you for doing it :)

So now that you’ve read thus far, here’s my “Call to Crafters“… I know you’re out there, toiling away on your projects. ~Making messes and creating crafty things. I’d love to hear from you ! I’d be honored to share some stories of crafters; what inspires you, what frustrates you, what challenges you to continue. Do you have any tips of the trade to share with others ? Do you like what you do or is it simply what helps pay bills ? How do you store your supplies ? Where do you show or sell items ? Does your family understand or are you alone in your passion ? I’d love to see some photos of your creations :) Please leave a message here or email me some info and let’s schedule a time to chat !    Thank you.

bunny pillow copy

In Your Dreams…

In Your Dreams…


What goes on at night in your dreams ? Do you even remember a dream the next day ? Do dreams wake you up ? Have you ever had a dream that was a repeat ? Do you dream in COLOR ?

I don’t like it when someone says that you dream what you really want to happen…because I really don’t want to go to a Liverwurst Festival. Yes, last night I had a dream about the topic of first dates and I was advising someone not to choose the Liverwurst Festival as their first date. That’s NOT what I would want to remember. First of all, I don’t even like liverwurst. Why would that be in a dream of mine ? I was advising someone (don’t know who) to go somewhere else on their first date together. Not that the first date has to be perfect, but really consider the memories you are creating when choosing the destination. Make sure it’s something of mutual interest. In my dream, for some reason, I suggested ice skating as an alternative. Personally, I haven’t been on an ice rink for about 20 years so I don’t know where that thought came from~


When I woke up, I thought about the crazy dream I’d had and I smiled. I realized that actually, my hubby would agree to go just about anywhere with me so I called him at work to ask,

“Would you go with me on a date to a Liverwurst Festival ?”

There was a very brief pause and then he replied, “If that’s where you want to go, we can do that…”

And I asked him if he’d go ice skating with me. He said he would :) He’s such a nice guy.

He asked me, “So IS there a Liverwurst Festival ?”

I explained about my crazy dream. And the fact that I knew he’d go with me wherever. Because he’s such a nice guy and I’m so lucky :)  He knows I don’t like liverwurst, nor do I ice skate well. However, what a joy it is to be married to someone willing to accompany me to either activity !

Later, I Googled it, there is actually an event called, “Liverwurst Fest” started by some guys in a band wanting to host a sort of jam session with food and beer….you can read about it here:

Then I found this fabulous site that sells Liverwurst Sandwich Bottled Water. For I don’t know what reason~ They have other wonderful flavors such as:

Beef Jerky ~ Shrimp Salad ~ Fried Oysters ~ and many more that will turn off your taste buds  :P   Here is the website, check it our for yourself…you can’t make this stuff up !

Wishing you a happy day and wonderful dreams.



The Arrival of Spring in Northern Indiana…

The Arrival of Spring in Northern Indiana…

The arrival of Spring here has nothing at all to do with weather forecasts, satellite images or the Farmer’s Almanac. Spring is evident by local animal behavior. One simply needs to know the signs of common animals: Robins, Squirrels, Cows, Geese, Colts and Mustangs. And of course we all know it starts with the Groundhog. Each year on February 2nd, we humans attempt to determine if the groundhog sees its shadow or not. But think about this; the current ceremony involves a pet groundhog that does not Winter outdoors. Punxsutawney Phil lives with his wife, Phyllis at the town Library ( He is the guest of honor at a man-made ritual/festival.


An (almost) foolproof indication that Spring’s finally here is the presence of a Robin on our lawn. Not the snow-covered lawn, but the stubby grey-green ‘grass’ revealed when the snow melts. It doesn’t count if the Robin is seen in one of our trees, on the fence, porch steps or walkways. Not valid if seen on a neighbor’s lawn, it has to be ours. Don’t ask me why, that’s just how it works. When Mr. Robin is walking on our ‘lawn’, Spring is here.

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Wedding Hysteria.

Wedding Hysteria.

  I recently read a thread on a blog that was a query for suggestions of Wedding Guest Favor Gifts. (what a terrible run-on sentence) (For lack of an alternative, I’m going with it). I’m guessing she means Wedding Gifts from the Bride and Groom to each Wedding Guest. Is this correct ? Okay, so let me get this straight; the Bridal couple gives gifts to the guests.. This is after the expensive wedding ceremony itself, with scripture, music, ‘entertainment’ and the joy of witnessing a friend get married. Then the guests are lavishly fed,  along with more music and entertainment. Then wonderful, crazy, sugary treats and cake and drinks of some kind. Possibly dancing and/or a video show including babies in bathtubs, the groom’s first car, prom photos and shots of the new engagement ring. On top of all that, the guest are given gifts. This is my understanding on it.


Our Wedding Day

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